The Amethyst Biomat

    We’ve got some BIG news!

We now offer the Medicystal Amethyst Biomat in our office. Add this to ANY healing session today or use as a stand alone service.

What is the Biomat?

The Amethyst biomat is a unique multilayer health system. It combines the wonderful healing benefits of: 

  • Far Infared Light, the sun’s most healing aspect of radiant heat
  • Amethyst Crystals which act as superconductors, amplifying the healing benefits of FIR, allowing it to penetrate deep within the body. All while adding the many healing benefits of the Amethyst crystals themselves
  •  Negative Ions, found in abundance in areas of lush green forests, mountains, waterfalls, oceans, beaches, rivers and springs. 
  • Beneficial EMF’s that will stimulate and detox organs as well as tissues within the body.

What are the benefits of Biomat Therapy?

  • Promotes muscle relaxation
  • Reduces muscle spasms and pain
  • Temporarily relieves joint pain and stiffness
  • Improves mobility of joints
  • Temporarily eases some types of chronic pain
  • Encourages tissue healing
  • Relaxes and soothes
  • Improves skin
  • Reduces stress and fatigue 
  • Promotes heart conditioning 
  • Provides moxibustion effect
  • Improves blood circulation and tissue oxygenation
  • Helps in weight management
  • Strengthens immune functioning
  • Stimulates detoxification
  • Enhances lymphatic drainage 
  • Stimulates metabolism 

How much is a healing session going to cost?

The biomat can be added on to ANY healing session or used as a stand alone service. 
  • Biomat Add-On – For a 15-60 minute add on it will cost an additional $25-45 depending on the length of time you wish to add. This service will be run while doing your crystal healing and/or reiki service. 
  • Biomat Stand Alone Session – You can chose from two options for this stand alone service. 
    • 60 Minute Session – $45
    • 90 Minute Session – $60

Special Notes

*Recipients of ANY type of organ transplant, those who have a pacemaker/defibrillator, newborns and infants should not use the Biomat. Those who are pregnant, children, or anyone diagnosed with ANY medical condition or ailment should always consult a doctor prior to scheduling a biomat session. Anyone taking prescription medications, undergoing radiation/chemotherapy, experiencing joint injury/swollen joints, insensitive to heat, immobile, or currently with fever should only use the biomat without the heating mode and consult a doctor prior to scheduling a healing session. 
**If new to using the biomat, starting slow is key to eliminating the possibilty of putting the body into Healing Crisis. Please let your healer know and contact your doctor immediately if you experience ANY of the following symptoms: 
  • Pain
  • Worsening Conditions
  • Acidic Body Condition –
    • weakness 
    • tiredness
    • dehydration
  • High Blood Pressure
    • dizzy
    • headache for 1-2 weeks
  • Poor Blood Circulation
    • tired 
    • joint/muscle pain for 1-4 weeks
  • Anemia
    • nosebleeds
  • Gynecological Patient
    • increase in menstrual discharge
    • early menstruation
  • Diabetic
    • blood sugar may increase temporarily
    • limbs may swell slightly
  •  Weak Stomach
    • diarrhea 
    • hot feeling in chest
    • no appetite
  • Gastro Ptosis
    • heavy feeling in stomach
    • gas in stomach 
    • stomach ache
    • vomitting
  • Kidney Problems
    • protein may increase slightly in short term effects
    • face may swell slightly
*Remember that it is your responsibility to seek attention of a health care professional before and during use of this device. Only use this device by a healing professional. 

Don’t Hate, Meditate!

You read that correctly. The motto “Don’t hate, meditate” will become part of your daily mantra in no time. Watch how transformative it can be within your life. Before we go through all of that though, lets first discuss some basic information about the art of meditation.

woman meditate on beachMeditation 101

Meditation is the practice of clearing the mind to achieve higher states of consciousness. It allows you to focus more clearly and experience deep inner journeying. In addition, meditation promotes emotionally calm states of mind, even in the darkest of times. When working with your chakra system, it also assists in opening, balancing, and removing blockages from these areas.

Read more on your chakra system and be sure to keep an eye out for my course, “The Chakra System and You” coming soon on Udemy.

Don’t hate, Meditate

In addition to mental clarity and calming your emotional states, meditation has numerous other health benefits. When practiced regularly, it can reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and even physical pain! Practicing mindfulness, aka meditation, has become much more widespread. Defined by many in today’s society, the art of mindfulness has spread throughout the world. In 1988, David Goleman, author of The Meditative Mind: The Varieties of Meditative Experience defined meditation as, “the need for the meditator to retrain his attention, whether through concentration or mindfulness, is the single invariant ingredient in… every meditation system”. Another great definition written by Cahn and Polich in 2006 states, “[M]editation is used to describe practices that self-regulate the body and mind, thereby affecting mental events by engaging a specific attentional set…. regulation of attention is the central commonality across the many divergent methods”. 

The health benefits of practicing meditation/mindfulness are so great that some insurance companies in western culture are giving special rates for those who practice daily. One study, conducted by Dr. Herbert Benson at Harvard Medical School found that “a range of disease-fighting genes were active in the relaxation practitioners that were not active in the control group”. Moreso, these benefits increase the more you practice meditation.

woman meditate in nature

Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

Studies conducted across the world have begun documenting results of the amazing benefits of meditation. Let’s go into a few of these now.

  1. Lowers your blood pressure, particularly found when practicing transcendental meditations.
  2. Increases your immune system by boosting natural killer cells, aka NK cells.
  3. Increases fertility by allowing both male and females to be in a relaxed state more often. Stress has been proven to affect sperm count and a woman’s ability to conceive easily.
  4. Treating insomnia by allowing you to quiet the mind and get more restful sleep.
  5. Treating irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
  6. Anti-inflammatory by reducing stress and your natural fight or flight mode response to it.
  7. Aids in weight loss by reducing stress, eliminating habits such as stress and boredom eating.
  8. And lastly, improved sexual health, even for women and men who have been sexually abused in the past.

Meditate sunset ocean

Start Now!

The health benefits listed in this article are just some of the amazing benefits mindfulness can bring to your daily life. Now it’s time for the good stuff, the how to’s of meditation.


Take some time to first set up your space where you will practice mindfulness. This can be in your bedroom, living room, or even a sacred space you have set up for yourself. Relaxing music is a great way to get you into the right head space and into deeper meditations. Spotify has a ton of free resources you can use for whatever tickles your fancy. You can also burn incense or essential oils, have candlelight to set the mood or incorporate stones into your meditative journey. Use your intuition here and do what feels right for you.


Go somewhere quiet so you are not disturbed for the duration of your meditation. This is also a good time to silence or shut off your cell phone. If you tend to have knee problems, sitting on a pillow will be beneficial. Back problems? No problem. Sit up against a wall, this will allow your spine to remain in perfect alignment. If these still aren’t working for you feel free to lie down on a bed or couch, just be sure not to catch a nap!


Begin by first taking 3-4 deep relaxing breaths. In through the nose then out through the mouth. This will allow your body and mind to slow down and get into an alpha state (where meditation happens in the brain).

Once you have done that, resume normal breathing. When starting out, focus on your breath alone. This will assist you in the ability to clear your mind, a task most difficult when just beginning.


What now?

Once you have mastered clearing the mind, you can then begin to explore other methods of meditation. One practice I thoroughly enjoy is an inner exploration meditation.

In this meditation, once in the alpha state, you simply as yourself (out loud or in your mind) “I am”. That’s all! And wait for a response from yourself, believe me, you will respond! The key to this meditation is to merely observe with unbiased ears, regardless of what is reported back to you. Do this for 4-5 days, being sure to journal what you heard at the conclusion of each meditation. Take what your inner-self has told you and grow from there.

Additionally, you can include special mantras, chants, and practices in as well. There is no right or wrong way to meditate! Do what resonates with you personally.

Be sure to check out Healing Hands Facebook Page for a 7 day meditation series for free!

And remember….

Don’t hate, Meditate!


To learn more, visit Healing Hands


Meditate for health


Your Chakra System

Have you ever wondered what your chakra system is? Well, look no further! In this comprehensive article, we will go over all the important information surrounding this fascinating part of the human body. Furthermore, I will also give you several affirmations and meditative practices you can add to further enhance and balance these areas. 

Image of Chakra System OverviewYour Chakra System

Let’s take a moment to go over some basics involving your Chakra system. The word Chakra is actually Sanskrit for “wheel”. These wheels are merely energy vortexes swirling in and around the human body and aura. Altogether, there are approximately 130 of these vortexes. They all govern specific parts of the human body, as well as have associated colors and symbols that assist with working on these chakras. In this article, we will go over our main seven chakra systems and how these systems govern everything in your body from psychological well being to your resistance to disease and illness. 

The First Chakra

Image of Root Chakra Overview

Your Root Chakra is the first chakra in this system. Muladhara (मूलाधार चक्र) Chakra is the term in Sanskrit. This chakras located is at the base of your spine, right where the end of your tailbone is.  It is represented by the color RED. Part of your bottom three chakra systems, it is part of your physical chakra centers. The Root Chakra is in charge of allowing you to feel safe, stable, and grounded. If you feel as though your basic survival needs are not being met, this can negatively affect this area. Basic survival needs include having enough money, food, water, and shelter. Other factors that can cause blockages in this chakra system are being in unstable living conditions or feeling unsafe where you are.

Earthing is an amazing practice to perform to aid this chakra’s functioning. Earthing in simplest term is just walking barefoot. When we walk on the earth barefoot, the soles of our feet absorb the ions coming up from the ground naturally. This allows our bodies to utilize this energy for healing and balancing, particularly of the root chakra. Shinrin Yoku, the art of forest bathing, is the origin of this practice. For more information on this ancient art, please visit

Let’s get to work!

When working on balancing this chakra, picture the color red during your meditation practice. You can also visualize a lotus flower with four petals in addition to picturing its color. Affirmations commonly spoken to build this chakra up are things such as, “I am safe”, “I am grounded”, and “I am secure”. 

Your Second Chakra

Image of Sacral Chakra Overview

Your Sacral is the second chakra in this system. In Sanskrit, it is referred to as the Svadhisthana (स्वाधिष्ठान) Chakra. This Chakra is located approximately two inches below your navel. It is represented by the color ORANGE. The Sacral Chakra is in charge of governing things like your sexual and reproductive organs, sexuality, creativity, and joy. One of the easiest ways to throw this chakra out of balance is not being true to your sexual preferences. When your libido or any form of sexual incompetence is present you can guarantee that your Sacral is not functioning at optimal health.

Another commonly occurring theme that demonstrates a blockage in this area is not having creative freedom of expression. By nature, all human beings are creative in some form or another. Now, this does not mean that when fixing this chakra you will somehow become a master artist overnight. Instead, you will be able to express your own creativity in a manner that best suits your highest self. Whether it’s from dancing, singing, painting, or even web design, your sacral will assist in allowing you to fully express your artistic side. In turn, this will allow you to feel joy and happiness in your life as well, another key factor of the Sacral.

Down to business!

When working with this chakra system, you visualize the color orange as well as a lotus flower with six petals now. Affirmations that better assist in your meditative work for this chakra are things such as, “I am creative”, “I am sexual”, and “I feel joy”. 

The Third Chakra

Image of Solar Plexus Chakra Overview

Your third chakra is also known as your Solar Plexus Chakra. Manipura (मणिपूर) Chakra is the correct term in Sanskrit. This chakra system is located about two inches above your navel, whereas your Sacral was located two inches below. It is represented by the color YELLOW. Picture the bright and vibrant color of the sun during a clear and beautiful day, that is the color of this chakra system.

The Solar Plexus is your “personal power” chakra. It governs your self-esteem, self-confidence, strength, and willpower. Obviously, doubting yourself in any way will create an imbalance in this chakra. So if you are like the millions of people out there and are not happy with who you are, then this is definitely an area you want to focus on. Feelings of guilt, shame, or even fatigue are all going to contribute to blockages in your Solar Plexus. The emotional blockages you have will need to be removed first in order to re-align this chakra. Trust me, this is one of the greatest chakras to have in optimal health. It is going to allow you to feel your best and have that confidence to go out there and conquer your greatest desires!

Take action!

To work on this chakra during meditations, picture that beautiful and vibrant yellow sun. Also, visualize a lotus flower with ten petals now. Some great affirmations to say for your Solar Plexus are, “I am confident”, “I will”, and “I am strong”. 

The Fourth Chakra

Image of Heart Chakra OverviewYour fourth chakra is also known as your Heart Chakra. Anahata (अनाहत) Chakra is the correct term in Sanskrit. As you may have already guessed, this chakra system is located in the center of your chest, just above your heart. Unlike your other chakra systems, this chakra is actually represented by two different colors rather than just one. These colors are GREEN and PINK. You may be wondering why there are two colors for this area. Since this chakra is about the heart, it governs two very distinct aspects of love. While most of us fully understand the concept of giving love, we must also learn to receive that same love in return. This is where the two differing colors come into play.

When represented by the color green, this is showing that you are giving that love out into the world. Pink on the other-hand is representing receiving that same love. Now when I mention receiving, this also includes self-love, which many of us tend to forget. Before you can truly love another, you must learn to love yourself, all of yourself. Often times left unattended and forgotten, growing to love your truest self is an amazing experience. As with everything in life, however, this self-love does need to have balance. Narcissism, which contrary to most beliefs, isn’t always a bad thing. However, when this narcissism becomes a habitual pattern, this is when it can and will negatively affect this chakra system. Loving who you are, your body, your mind, and your soul is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself.

Release the hate and meditate!

When working on this chakra, in addition to visualizing green and pink you can also picture in your mind’s eye the lotus flower, now with twelve petals. I assume that most of you can ascertain at this point appropriate affirmations to really strengthen your Heart Chakra. Saying things like, “I am loved”, “I love unconditionally”, and “I love myself” are all great examples. 

The Fifth Chakra

Image of Throat Chakra OverviewYour fifth chakra system is also known as the Throat Chakra. Vishuddha (विशुद्ध) Chakra is the correct term in Sanskrit. Much as you may have guessed this chakra system is located right at your throat, where hollow of your collarbone is. It is represented by the color LIGHT BLUE. If you picture a clear blue sky on a wonderful and sunny day, that is the color blue I am referring to. The Throat Chakra is all about speaking and living your highest self. It is about expressing your truth in a healthy manner. Speaking your truth does not only mean to others, however, it also means speaking this truth to yourself as well. This is a task that is often extremely difficult for most individuals.

All events in your life, even those perhaps you do not fully understand, have a lesson to be learned from it. Once you can learn that lesson, you then have the ability to speak your highest truth and be honest with who you are as a person. If you have trouble with speaking up and tend to be shy in situations, this can negatively affect this chakra. Take public speaking for example, a task feared by most Americans even more than death itself! Imagine how amazing it would be to have that trust in who you are to be able to get up there on that stage and speak your mind in front of thousands of listeners. This is the gift that the Throat Chakra has to offer all of us. If the thought of doing that makes you queasy, then this is an area that you may want to evaluate and work on balancing.

It’s time to quiet the mind, not the voice

An easy visualization to use during this meditation is to picture your lotus flower, now with sixteen petals, floating high above in the beautiful clear blue skies. A few affirmations that can assist this chakra are, “I speak my truth”, “I speak the truth”, and “I am true to my highest self”. 

The Sixth Chakra

Image of Third Eye Chakra Overview

Your Third Eye Chakra is the sixth chakra in this system. Anja (आज्ञा) Chakra is the correct term in Sanskrit. It is represented by the color INDIGO. Indigo often gets confused with purple. It actually is not purple at all. If you visualize the night sky on a clear and starry evening around midnight, that is the color. A deep and dark color of blue, similar to navy but with more vibrancy.

Most people have heard of the Third Eye. It is in charge of your intuition, psychic abilities, vision, and mind. When this chakra is operating at optimal health you will experience heightened psychic abilities such as clairaudience, clairsentience, or clairvoyance. These “clair” words get confused with one another. Clairaudience is the ability to hear sounds and voices psychically, clairvoyance is the ability to see visions and events, and clairsentience involves your empathic abilities.

If you are someone who tends to be an extremely empathic person, then your Third Eye Chakra is assisting in this ability. This is also why children tend to have more nightmares than adults. Up to age twelve, children use their psychic abilities on a daily basis, often times completely unknowingly. At age twelve the brain matures to a point where if the child’s learned belief system does not support the existence of these abilities from outside influences, the pineal gland will then begin to slowly calcify and no longer function. Look for my other blog post all about your pineal glands function and how to decalcify this organ. Intellect and the ability to learn are addition processes of this chakra system.

To learn more about your pineal gland, please read my blog at

Develop your intuition

Still visualizing the lotus flower it now has only two white petals, unlike the chakras previously discussed. As with all chakra systems, there are affirmations that will strengthen your Third Eye Chakra. Things like, “I am wise”, “I am psychic”, and “I am aware” are all excellent examples. 

The Seventh Chakra

Image of Crown Chakra OverviewHere we are at your seventh and final chakra system we will cover in the article, the Crown Chakra. Because it sits directly on or above the top of your head gives the name of your crown. Depending on your preferences, this area may sit directly on the head or situated about two inches above the top of your head. I encourage all of you to believe in what resonates most with you as an individual. Sahasrara  (सहस्रार) Chakra is the correct term in Sanskrit. The color of this chakra system is VIOLET. Your Crown Chakra represents your connection to the divine. Whether you believe in god, deities, universal consciousness or something else, this chakra will assist in your connection to these higher sources.

When your Crown is operating fully you will naturally be understanding of the fact that you are a spiritual being. If you have a blockage in this area your faith will falter. In addition, you will be stuck living in the physical and material worlds, having trouble seeing “the bigger picture”. Mental disorders and learning disabilities are very common attributes of a blocked Crown. This is not to say that working on this crown will enable you to overcome some mental disorders, but it will certainly assist in lessoning it’s symptoms.

Connect to the divine

For meditations, you should now picture that violet color with the Thousand Petal Lotus. This is often another name people may call this chakra system. Affirmations for your crown are things like, “I am connected”, “I am wise”, and “I am”. 

Where To Go From Here?

Now that you have a better understanding of each of your main chakra systems in your body, I encourage all of you to begin working on each of these areas one at a time. Meditation is the greatest gift and way to work on these areas.

Don’t be afraid when I say meditation, I’m not expecting you to go off into the mountains and sit upon a mountain top for twenty-one days to have a spiritual revelation. Merely sitting for five minutes a day at the start of this practice is enough to start the healing process. Sit, or lie if that’s more comfortable for you, in a quiet room. There is nothing worse than being ripped out of a healing meditation by the loud ring of a cell phone. Turn your cell phone off to eliminate the possibility of this distraction.

Sit there for five minutes and just focus on your breath. Do not expect your mind to not wander. Your mind will wander frequently when just starting out. This is completely normal. It takes patience and training to be able to completely clear your mind. Once your able to simply focus on your breath and nothing else, then move on to visualizations. Affirmations can be added to these meditations if you would like, but they are also great to say in the morning when you first get up and in the evening right before you go to sleep. Keep a lookout for more blog posts on incorporating essential oils and stones into this practice. 


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