Tibetan Tektite Travels

Tibetan Tektite, as I have come to learn, is an amazing stone. Through meditation, I was able to allow this stone to connect with my highest self. In this article, I am going to share my personal four-day experiences with all of you.

What is Tibetan Tektite?

Tibetan Tektite

Tibetan Tektite is an amorphous crystalline structure with more than half of its composition consisting of silicon dioxide. Usually black, they can also be brown, gray, or even green (Moldavite). Their exact origin is still unknown today. Cultures to this day are unsure of whether these stones are the result of a meteor impact or created from molten rock. Regardless of their true origins, Tektites are revered throughout places around the world as a magical stone.

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On to the fun!

I started off my journey by first meditating with the Tibetan Tektite. The moment I picked it up I could sense the energy coming off of it. They felt like vibrations or tingling in the palm of my hand. As the meditation progressed, this sensation began to creep up my arm and into my shoulder blade. I could feel tiny muscle twitches happening randomly as my body took in its vibrations. My thoughts drifted to that of peace, calm, and serenity.

Once completed with this meditation, I placed the Tibetan Tektite in my pocket and continued with my day. Throughout the day I noted increased energy levels, confidence, drive to accomplish projects and a deep passion in regards to these projects. In addition to those amazing attributes, I also experienced heightened awareness and cognitive functioning.

Day 2

Again, I meditated with the Tibetan Tektite first thing in the morning. The sensations experienced the previous day remained, with tingling sensations moving up my arm yet again. As my mind drifted to a new yoga routine I had purchased, feelings of intense excitement and joy swept over me to begin this new routine. Suddenly, an image of a white bolt of lightning flashed before my eyes. Immediately following the bolt, shadows of people could be seen dancing or walking in front of me.

The visions rapidly switched to that of a butterfly. After viewing this butterfly several times, wings from a bird, or even an angel, came to light. However, these images still remained as shadow figures, completely void of color.

Just as done the previous day, I placed the Tibetan Tektite in my pants pocket. Following the meditation, I was inspired to begin my yoga workout. Increased confidence, drive, energy, and passion was again experienced throughout the day. I was even driven to re-arrange my sacred space to allow for better functionality for my business and clients I will help there.

Side note, while recording for my online class I was explaining how to perform a Kinesiology test to better determine if you need a particular stone. Intuitively, I reached for the Tibetan Tektite. I asked if I needed this stone and the response came back as “yes”.

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Day 3

Unfortunately, day three was an extremely difficult day for personal reasons and meditations for the day did not procure. Regardless of the difficult times, the same attributes experienced the other two days were noticed, giving me calm exactly where it was needed.

In contrast to other evenings, I placed the Tibetan Tektite inside my pillowcase. Throughout the evening I experienced extremely vivid visions and dreams, however, the second I awoke all the dreams were instantly forgotten. The only memory remaining was of how vivid the dreams were.

Day 4

Here we are! Day four, where the real magic took place. The day began with increased energy and drive. The ability to further work on my blog, videos, and learn a recurrent theme.

As I sat down to meditate, having not gotten to this until late in the evening, his energy was noticed right away again. I say “he” because at this point in the journey I had intuitively realized that my Tibetan Tektite was that of male origin.

Inspired by a conversation had with a friend, I asked the Tibetan Tektite where he was from. Immediately, I received the answer “China”. I then prompted another response by asking for any messages that he may have for me. The response “Run” spat back rapidly.

I ended the meditation swiftly, shaken by the message received. I picked up my Tarot deck and did a quick spread for answers. Once finished, the Tibetan Tektite called for me to meditate once more.

The magic awaits!

All the other meditations I had placed the Tibetan Tektite in my left hand. This time I decided to lie down, placing him on my third eye and grabbed my apophyllite to hold in my left hand. The tingling sensation felt in my third eye, forehead, hand, and arm was intense. Quickly the sensation migrated, engulfing my entire body.

When the vibrations stopped, sparkling white lights appeared. Again, wings came into vision. This time, however, they flapped slowly and I knew with my mind’s eye I was gazing upon an angel. I asked whom this angel was and he responded, “Gabriel”. As always, I asked for confirmation of this information and received a “yes” in response.

Immediately following this I began to feel light headed and dizzy. I could feel myself leaving my physical body. I traveled rapidly through time and space as things passing by appeared as mere blurs of colorful lines whipping past.


Shunan Forest Cliff tops

I was transported to a beautiful lush forest in China. Coming in I could see a clifftop with a drop-off off to my left with what appeared to be exposed rock on its side.

Shunan Forest Bamboo trees

Reaching the forest floor the ground was warm, heating the bottoms of my feet. The trees surrounded all around me. Looking up they extended miles above me, reaching high into the sky. The sight was breathtaking, a sight I had never seen prior to this journey.

Putting all the pieces together

Once I was safely back on this plane of existence, the spiritual body reconnected with the physical, I rushed to figure out where I had been transported to. Knowing it was a location in China, I searched google for “forests in China”. Gazing upon images of different locations, I instantly knew when I saw the proper place. It is a forest called Shunan Bamboo Forest in southern China. My intuition screamed that this was it, this was where the Tibetan Tektite had taken me. As I looked up the stone in The Book of Stones this information was instantly confirmed when in the first sentence Robert Simmons mentions that Tibetan Tektite is from Tibet and…southern China.

Tektite in my hand


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