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Rage Ridder

This bracelet is designed to assist your life’s journey toward mastering anger and rage. The gentleness of some of the stones will allow you to embark on deep inner work. These transformative stones will create a protective shield that helps one remain calm when faced with negativity. They will also act as a psychic protector and vacuum,

cleansing negative emotional patterns from the aura. This bracelet can make even the most volatile of temperaments more patient and calm ultimately leading towards being able to sense the change of emotional state and not allow these lower vibrating emotions to take over.

Our crystalline Jewelry is carefully crafted with love and designed so they are always fully powered and running with clean positive energy. Each bracelet has been designed to be self- cleaning and will clear energetic debris and remain charged for maximum healing power.

Each bracelet is programmed with their healing intent and should always function in this way. All bracelets are double checked, charged in moonlight, and prior to shipping are given Reiki energy to maximize healing potential.



Black Obsidian

Moss Agate

Blue Lace Agate


*Do NOT get these bracelets wet. Remove bracelets before swimming or showering. Some stones used in the healing bracelets may dissolve or become damaged if wet.

**Metal bead spacers may vary slightly from those pictured depending on availability.

***The metals used in our bracelets are typically copper with a sliver coating. Please be aware that this coating tends to dissolve over time, exposing copper coloring beneath. Stainless steel options are available at additional cost.